Chez Elena Guesthouse
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Chez Elena Guesthouse is located at:
Calle Escudero S1-412, Las Orquideas, Quito, Ecuador
Tel: +593 2 2600370

We are located 12 minutes from the historic center of the city in bus, and 20 minutes from the large malls and more tourist-oriented parts of town (bars, discos, etc.). Buses pass by our house frequently, and pass through the old city, two large parks (La Alameda and El Ejido), the Ecuadorian House of Culture, Amazonas Avenue, the University Catolica, the University Central, and the Avenue 10 de Agosto (where there is a trolley line). The buses finish their route in the north of Quito.

You can stay either in a furnished apartment just to the side of the house, or in one of the rooms inside the house itself.
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